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Faro Meets the "Little Troublemaker" for the Fist Time | The adults make plans for mulberry pie day this summer while the tree urges persist and bear fruit.

An Avoided Asteroid | Can a strong smell, like the taste of a Proustian madeleine, spark memory?

Pining for Amateurs | Faro steps solo into his garden to search for gratitude, find comfort in his mugo pine and pick up the shears again.

Shedding a Skin | Faro travels to Bali in search of solitary walks and a way to carry his loss.

Out with the Old | As his partner revamps the front yard, Faro faces the specter of change—and competition—at home.

A One-Dog Day | When a friend takes in a stray dog, Faro struggles to overcome his aversion to the garden-destroying dervish.

A Flower for All Occasions | The lily, a flower for both matrimony and death, evokes sentimental memories for Faro but terrifies his young niece.

Testing Ground

Going Wild | Faro’s winter garden–with its untamed flora, feral creatures, and mysterious happenings–reveals a wildness at heart.

Out of the Blue | Grappling with mental and physical fog, Faro finds a metaphor for coping in his own backyard.

For a decade, dispatches from Faro’s garden have appeared seasonally in The Monthly. We are pleased to announce that Ithuriel’s Spear Press has just published them as a collection, entitled In Faro’s Garden, A Tour and Some Detours. The book is available at, and Black Oak Books in Berkeley. R. E. Faro can be reached at

Faro's garden -- Russ Ando